NHS Wales Informatics Research Laboratories

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The Facilities

Research Laboratories and Facilities

The NHS Wales Informatics Research Laboratories at Swansea University are safe and accessible research facilities that simulate the various real-world healthcare environments that patients might experience on their journey through the NHS. The simulated healthcare environment within the Research Laboratories can flexibly recreate any number of healthcare scenarios such as a patient’s home; GP and hospital reception areas and specialist consulting rooms; hospital ward; pharmacy; nurse station; telecare and out-of-hours centres.

The simulation area is capable of running multiple systems over a number of parallel (NHS, university, internet and PSBA) networks, enabling combinations of systems and solutions to be installed and evaluated either singly or in combinations. Evaluations draw upon the combined expertise of university researchers, NHS staff (clinical, managerial and IT), and NWIS domain experts to undertake robust, impartial and pragmatic assessments. Industry vendors are invited to provide demonstration copies of their systems to inform the evaluations, which will be carried out on a project-by-project basis.

Server Room

The technical hub of the Research Labs is a state-of-the-art server room where the latest dedicated server and network IT facilities have been installed on clustered virtualised servers, supporting over 250 servers. Set ups can be rapidly switched between care scenarios and system solutions, using multiple networks (NHSnet and internet), wireless, telephony, and video-conferencing. The fully featured air-conditioned server room managed by expert IT engineers offers the NHS, academic researchers and industry companies a unique environment to develop and test-generation software and systems that support healthcare workers and benefit patients.

Please contact us for further information on system demonstrations.